Prasu Maru


I’m Prasu. a Confessed health + energy foodie lover. 

Born in India. And living gracefully with family. I am a watercolor artist and a content writer by passion. From my childhood, I am much interested in the energy that we receive through different diets and food. In other words, I am very excited about diet topics. 


I generally concentrate my observation on good fats and wholesome nutrients. Regular exercises, art, meditation, and our diets are the main elements in our life to make our mind, body, and soul healthy, positive and fit. It should be acquired and sustained in our lifestyle.


Food is the central source of all calories or energy in our lives. But before we eat anything, we should take the supervision of these calories accurately. Because unaccounted food and calories can harm us. And can invite serious or fatal illnesses or diseases. So, here is my endeavor that the knowledge that I have received through my diet practices and learning,  So a humble attempt to lengthen my knowledge to the society as a small contribution of mine. For the betterment of our young generation for maintaining diet consciousness to create good health with a balanced life from inside-out absolutely.


I am warm-welcoming to you with all your kind suggestions and opinions to develop my efforts and accomplishments. 

Thank you, Much love :)

Prasu Maru,


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