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Since aged times, man has learned that he can gain a significant advantage through controlling the mind. While meditation has been practiced in the whole world for more than thousands of years, the technique of controlling the mind was fully acknowledged and developed first in India and, later, in China.

From the ancient era, religious and spiritual disciplines have been grouped around meditation practices, but only Buddha gave meditation a worthy place for gaining Enlightenment and ultimate salvation. All other religious systems considered 'Meditation' as the development of the mind for gaining psychic powers. Still, Buddha taught us to use meditation to look inside ourselves and achieve an inner vision, and thereby develop ourselves, independent of pure energies.

"Imagine yourself sitting on a rock at the beach, feeling the sea waves breaking on the shore, and returning to the ocean. Feel the freshness of the waves, light breeze, and smell the ocean.The melodiousness of awareness of the moment and a state of relaxation are what you should have experienced now."

Feel this photo for a while in your imagination. The sensation was pleasing.

It was mine. However, you were able to create the feeling that all this was real, and you are the same person.For a while, you managed to immerse yourself in a meditative state. Or in other words, you have just practiced meditation. (Read, Lose Weight: 7 Secrets To Lose Weight Fast And keep It Off)

Was it complicated? No, most likely, it was even a pretty pleasant experience.

Even a dream, in a sense, can be seen as a form of meditation. The only difference is that in meditation, you need to focus your mind, not paying attention to the desires and not allowing them to roam wherever the mind wants. But here it is necessary to make a small clarification. You do not need to make an effort and try to stop your thoughts. During meditation (especially at the beginning), many different thoughts will flashes through your mind, try to keep track of this state, and return your attention to what you are meditating. So you can quickly come to a state of rest.

Our life is full of tension, haste, and therefore, meditation is a restorative technique for relaxing the body and mind. Relaxation is essential, but it is only one of the benefits of meditation. After some experience (practice), One begins to love meditation, as it brings pleasant experiences and feelings.

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However, before moving on to them, let's take a closer look at some instant practical benefits of meditation whatever a person feels while practicing it. (Own experiences and feel whatever I do sense while practicing Mediation in everyday life.Read more about the author, Prasu )

11 Health Benefits of Meditation

  1. Meditation sustains self-control.

  2. Relaxes the body, mind, and reduces stress.

  3. Pure meditation develops inner creativity and expression in various forms of art.

  4. Increases the ability to focus your mind and your attention (concentration).

  5. Meditation strengthens the mind and gains control over it.

  6. It enhances the ability to enjoy the present moment.

  7. Increases the ability to work in multitasking.

  8. It releases a continuous influx of happiness, tolerance, understanding, and a sense of inner strength.

  9. Reduces Anxiety and makes the mind, body and soul feel calm and peaceful.

  10. Increases concentration of attention in works and each task.

  11. Meditation helps to fight depression.

Nowadays, you can find different books about meditation. But despite their diversity, they contain the same essence. Also, if you search, be sure to come across lectures on meditation or seminars; you can also find similar notes of meditation health benefits on the Internet. In other words, there is much information about meditation these days, and it’s not difficult to find a guru in this matter, a person who can explain that meditation is easy and pleasant.

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