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How Many Calories In An Egg?

Updated: Oct 22, 2019

An egg is one of the healthiest foods we can add in your diet, it is a great source of protein and is good for the brain. Do you know 'How many calories are in an egg?' Today, we will get it thoroughly, so we can calculate the number of calories in an egg and we will know if the consumption of this food fits our diet, or not.

One Egg = Average 70 to 80 calories

How many calories in an egg?
The egg is a flawless and nutritious diet, it holds calcium and iron in amounts equivalent to meat as well as protein and lecithin in the yolk, a biologically worthy substance that each cell in the body necessitates. The egg has antioxidant properties even though it must be consumed carefully by those suffering from high cholesterol.

Egg calories

Egg calories

The Egg is a diet that can be consumed straight or as an ingredient in diverse recipes and the most used is unquestionably the chicken egg. The amount of calories in an egg depends on its size. In a small egg of nearly 37-grams, there are 54 calories. An extra-large 57-gram egg carries 85 calories. We should be aware of the way of cooking them and the ingredients that we add to them to know exactly how many calories they contain as their caloric energy also depends on these two factors. (Also read, How many calories in a banana?)

A Healthy Note: "An egg a day keeps a doctor away... 🥚😋"
How many calories in an egg?

An Enough share of cooked or blended eggs may contain higher than 95 calories. A hard-boiled egg can have nearly 85 calories. Fried eggs can pay up to 95 calories to your body and poached eggs can hold up to 70 to 75 calories.

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Some catchy studies

Let's study a glimpse of the various ways to cook an egg and the calories that each of them serves for our body.

A 33-grams egg white-raw contains about 17 calories.

A large 17 grams egg yolk-raw carries 55 calories

A poached egg of 50 grams has 78 calories

A 46-grams fried egg has 90 calories.

A 50-gram water-boiled egg has 78 calories.

A large 60 grams of egg-omelet serves around 94 calories.

A plate of two scrambled eggs with milk of 100 grams in total has 148 calories.

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