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How To Protect Yourself From Coronavirus? FAQ - Covid-19, Questions And Answers

Coronavirus risks, protection, and what you need to know...

How to protect yourself from the coronavirus when you are at home? Or in the office or when we cannot help taking the metro or the bus? We already know that we need to wash our hands often and thoroughly.

Just as everyone has now memorized the critical safety distance of one meter or the fact that you have to cover yourself with a disposable handkerchief, or in the absence of better in the crease of the elbow when coughing or sneezing.

But a spokesperson epidemiologist and Hygiene expert of a health institute offer us ten useful tips to escape the clutches of this invisible enemy.

When should I contact the doctor and the toll-free number if I have any symptoms?

If you live in one of the cities with a high circulation of the virus infection, you stay at home and do not leave for any reason, keeping your distance with your family. If coughing and breathing difficulties also occur then better to call, regardless of the area of ​​residence.

COVID-19 (novel coronavirus): How to stay safe during the virus outbreak

What should we clean carefully at home?

First of all, the hands as you enter, avoiding touching any surface and not leaving jackets and overcoats lying around that must be immediately placed in the closet. And to open and close the tap, it would be better to use a tissue or rinse it when your hands are still lathered. Then wipe the phone with a cloth and take care of cleaning the tables and handles.

Do I need to take off my shoes before entering the house?

It is a good hygienic norm but for Covid-19 not because its transmission occurs with the droplets that we emit by coughing or sneezing not in any other way.

What precautions should we use in the office?

If you have a disinfectant gel, better clean your phone, desk and computer keyboard. If it is impossible to get it, always wash your hands and never put them in your mouth or eyes during work. If we wash our hands, then others mustn't come to contaminate our workspace. So in this phase, each person must be assigned his or her location that is not shared by others.

Alcohol is missing. What can be used alternatively?

At home, bleach diluted to a 0.5% concentration of active chlorine.

Is it right to often change the air in the rooms?

Yes, it is essential. But not because the virus "circulates in the air", as some people mistakenly think. But because by promoting the circulation of air, the droplets that settle on inert surfaces when we sneeze or cough dry first, also neutralizing the virus prematurely.

And are offices with sealed windows and air recycling a problem?

They are certainly not a vehicle for spreading the virus, even if the possibility of ventilating the rooms neutralizes it first.

How should we behave on the bus and the metro?

First of all, avoid taking them if it is not strictly necessary and if you can alternatively take a nice walk or bike ride. If the distance is considerable, it would be better to wear disposable gloves before climbing to avoid contact with potentially contaminated areas, such as handles and handrails. However, just at home or at work, wash your hands immediately.

Who is in quarantine how should they behave with family members?

If you are not positive for the test, the mask should only be worn if any discomfort appears. In that case, it is better to keep the safety distance, no kisses, and hugs, and separate beds. Staying alone in the room as much as possible. If you are positive and you always have a coughing mask and gloves, separate meals, isolation in the room and disposable tissues to be thrown away immediately. For further details and supports, please visit the guidelines published on WHO - Country & Technical Guidance - Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)

How should we deal with elderly parents and grandparents?

Protecting them by avoiding frequenting them for a while, especially if you live in areas with a strong spread of the virus. If our presence is indispensable to assist them or to supply them with what is missing in the house, then, before approaching, always wash your hands well first and put away the overcoat. But even with a cough or a simple cold, it is better to give up the visit for any reason, delegating others to take your place.

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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public


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