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Light Up The Darkness

Updated: Apr 7

Hearts To Pay Tribute With Memorial Lives And Remembrance.

The living ones are ALIVE, and near them, there is DEATH."

Coronavirus. In the forest came the storm: the leaves of the oldest fell and did not see the light of the sun. A memorial honor to those people who lost their lives!

Sometimes we have to stay away from the people we love, but it doesn't mean we love them less, sometimes this makes us love them even more, with a thought; What if our loved ones were going away from this world forever because of the COVID-19 Pandemic?

At the beginning of 2020, one of the deadliest viruses, Novel Corona Virus, the tyrant has turned our lives upside-down called COVID-19, destroyed our civilization and pushed mankind to the brink of extinction. Seldom I presume, "the earth also reiterated that we, humans, are just guests of hers, not the masters."

Scientists and Doctors from around the world are devoting their lives to finding a cure and rebuilding humanity. In the shortage of medical life-support resources, equipment and gear, such as Medicines, Masks, Ventilators, and non-availability of enough staff members , nevertheless, they are doing their best with continuous shifts more than 18 hours with the risk of their lives too for saving other lives. The medical staff has proved it again that they are genuinely superhuman on this planet. Those are not just ordinary human beings, but heroes who made the best of things in the worst of situations and play the role of God!

At the moment, writing this post, more than 71000 people have left this beautiful planet forever and became the victims of this virus. And death toll surpasses records and multiplies with the blink of an eye. Governments are trying hard to stop this disaster of death, but somehow, depressed. Alas! Now we really do not know when this fight of death will rest and stop!

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People are not able to cry on the coffin of a loved one: it is the harsh law of the pandemic. We know, we hunted worse. We also know we have lost our priceless family members in this conflict, and many whole families we knew, with whom we had the most memorable moments of our lives, who lived in our hearts and will remain eternally!

Corona virus, I am sure you won't win. We will resist and fight everywhere, in our homes, in our offices or workplaces. We will help the weakest and will sacrifice ourselves for a better tomorrow. And then we'll do it again. We will support each other and will make those viruses disappear from the face of our Earth.

We will come back to touch each other without fear, will hug and embrace the humanity of this universe. Until then, nothing prevents us from thinking very hard about it, and maybe let us know.

In the fight against Corona, the people who are fighting bravely for their existence are the Corona-warriors. Sadly, some of them left the battle without saying goodbye to us.

We, too, should make a little contribution to society. Towards all the corona-warriors and all the affected people due to this Novel Corona virus.

Our humble tribute to those great souls who are no longer with us and have sacrificed their lives in the fight against Corona. Our PRAYERS to the family whose family members are no more due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The people who passed away in this corona battle, remain in our hearts and will always be there with their loving memories—a Memorial to those Beloved-Hearts that stopped beating forever and left us alone in this journey called life.

If you can cure, cure; if you cannot heal, soothe the pain; if you can't ease the pain, sympathize yourself!

May our condolences bring you comfort, and may our prayers ease the pain of this loss. Our thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes during this dark time in your life!


Namaste 🙏


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