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Take Care Of Your Health During Diwali

The Diwali festival brings us the opportunity to have a lot of sweets. Even if the doctor has forbidden you to eat more sweets or we worry about seeing the news of low-quality or duplicate 'Mava', but when the opportunity comes, and the desserts and sweets are in front of us, we cannot stop ourselves. Many times we stay in our house, and we avoid it, but when we are at our friends and relatives places, it is difficult to refuse. In such a situation, we must take care of some things so that health remains.

Diwali Diet Healthy-Tips

  • As far as possible, take only one piece of dessert, that too, which is not too sticky.

  • On the occasion of the festival, take your breakfast at home before going to friends or relatives' homes.

  • If possible, make a light snack at friends' places as well, because if you have taken a complete diet at one spot, then constants snacks at the rest of the people will be too heavy.

  • Whether at yours or at friend's place, do not try to fill your stomach with any sweets because it can cause harm.

  • Welcome your friends and relatives with dry fruits; they are not greasy, and we can preserve it for a long time.

  • Diwali and then a week of sweet and greasy food goes on for about a week, so decide in advance how your food will be during this time.

  • If you have diabetes and the doctor refuses to eat sweets, then avoid eating even a little bit.

  • If guests are coming to your house, ask them and if there is a multiple choice, then keep the option of eating raw, steamed, boiled and fresh food instead of deep fried and oily.

  • In spite of caution, if you eat more sweets or fried things, then avoid them for about two months ahead.

May this Diwali fill your life with happiness, prosperity and happiness and make your life happy, healthy and fit.

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